midlife shifts:

from challenges
to triumphs

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Navigating midlife shifts:

from challenges to triumphs

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Transform your fear, worry or loss into energy, confidence and purpose.

Midlife is a common time to question ourselves as significant life changes take place. We get stuck in the ‘should have, would have, could have’ mentality. Learn how you can overcome your emotional roadblocks, regain energy, (re)build confidence and live life with purpose.

Reclaim your midlife

Have you gone through a big life change and not sure what to do next?

You are not alone.

Are you ready to guide your life’s path

Liberate yourself from the emotional baggage of your past.

We often refer to life as a rollercoaster of good and bad experiences which shape our emotional responses. Choose which ones to keep and those to let go of to lighten your load.

Experience a life aligned with ‘what makes you tick.’

Feel in tune with who you are and why that matters as you learn how to be in sync with your deep-seated drives and motivations to feel fulfilled and understood.

Choose your path powered by positive thought.

Feel powerful, confident, and resilient as you create your next chapter. Rewrite the stories you have been telling yourself as you take action toward your goals and dreams.

Connect with ‘you’ again.

Experience a sense of purpose and well-being as you feel secure and confident in taking your next step.

vivify-me™ is a unique 6-week individualized virtual program designed to help you transform and transition your life.

What makes this program unique to you?

In your private 1-on-1 sessions, the program addresses change using hypnotherapy and mindful techniques personalized to you. Combining insights on who you are, why your values matter and what fulfills or demotivates you. Providing you with the structure and freedom to start your next chapter in midlife and beyond.

Not only is this method effective, but it’s also incredibly efficient.

There is no need to work through a pile of self-help books, attend endless one-off seminars, or sit through years of therapy to experience the changes you crave. While these other options may be helpful, they won’t get you the results as fast or sustainably as tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.

During this journey you can…

  1. Let go of past hurts and resentment.
  2. Release (un)known childhood or adult experiences that result in negative thinking or perspective.
  3. Take the opportunity to reflect and set the goals you want to achieve.
  4. Learn a new perspective on why people behave the way they do.
  5. Recognize why some things completely demotivate us… and why others give us so much energy.

Welcome from the founder of vivify-me™

“Hi, I’m Sue Evans, and I know how challenging it can be to navigate significant life changes.”

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Vivify-me - Live life unstuck & purposeful. Claim your happier life.