When Life Gives You Lemons - Here's a Twist: Hypnotherapy & Personal Values Combined

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Make Lemonade

Are you going through a rough patch? Maybe it’s a divorce, a disappointment you can't get past, or the loss of someone or something precious to you. There are so many midlife challenges that can leave us feeling like we’re caught in a never-ending emotional storm. But guess what? You’re stronger than you think. There are ways to find stability and even joy again. It’s time to start making lemonade out of those lemons and writing a new chapter in your life.

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

Change is tough, isn’t it? Even when it’s good change, it can still throw us for a loop. Over a lifetime, we go through so many transitions. Some, like marriages, births, and new jobs, are generally positive but come with their own stressors. Then there are the biggies, like moving, retiring, or the kids leaving home, that can really overwhelm us. When life suddenly changes, it can feel like you’re adrift at sea, with emotions tossing you around in every direction. One minute you’re angry, the next you’re sad, and then you’re just plain confused. Trust me, it’s totally normal to feel this way.

I remember when I hit a rough patch my emotions were in constant flow. One minute I was hopeful, the next I was in despair, and sometimes I felt everything in between all at once. But understanding why we feel this way can help us find resilience, self-love and energy for what's next.

Why Do We Feel This Way?

Let me share a bit about my own midlife experience.  I was swinging from hope to despair, navigating a new reality in a new country.  I didn’t quite understand why I was on cloud nine one minute and in dark place he next. Here’s what I learned:

  • It’s normal for our emotions to fluctuate during times of change.
  • The human need for stability and predictability is huge. When our lives are disrupted, it’s natural to feel unmoored.
  • In midlife, emotional baggage created from past emotional experiences becomes overwhelming and cause real struggle.
  • Understanding how to let go of these emotions from the past, starts the journey of real transformation

How Hypnotherapy and Personal Values Can Help

After trying various self-help methods for myself...googling, weightless, fitness apps, Personal Development Programs. I discovered something unique: The Combination of Hypnotherapy and Personal Values which I describe as the 'Twist'  that turbocharges emotional transformation outcomes.

Hypnotherapy: A Path to Emotional Healing

I found hypnotherapy to be like a secret weapon for emotional healing. It taps into our subconscious mind, where many of our deepest emotions and beliefs are stored.

It helps us: 

  • Understand and manage our emotional ups and downs.
  • Create new, positive beliefs about ourselves and our future.
  • Boost our self-awareness by allowing us to explore our subconscious mind.

And it's a powerful and impactful tool by itself.  But 'The Twist' of combining with Personal Values is, if I say so a bit of pure genius. 

Embracing Personal Values

A big part of the transformation journey is reconnecting with our personal values. Personal Values are the core beliefs that guide our actions and decisions. When we align our lives with our values, we experience greater satisfaction and well-being. (more information on values here)

Here’s how it works:

  • A 10-question values assessment reveals our dominant psychological needs. 
  • Reflection on our past actions, decisions, behaviour and our values creates 'aha' moments and life-changing insights 
  • Goal setting based on values provides a roadmap for self-fulfilment. 

Anna’s Journey: From Heartache to Healing

Now, let me tell you about my friend Anna. After twenty years of marriage, she found herself facing a sudden divorce. She was devastated, feeling like her world had crumbled around her. Night after night, she woke up gripped by fear and uncertainty about her future.

Anna decided she needed help. She turned to hypnotherapy, even though she was skeptical at first. In her sessions, she began uncovering deep-seated beliefs and emotions that were fueling her pain. Slowly but surely, she learned to release her anger and sadness, replacing those negative emotions with positive beliefs about herself and her future.

A crucial part of Anna’s transformation was reconnecting with her personal values. Imagine your emotional well-being as a garden. Hypnotherapy is like digging deep under the soil to remove the rocks and weeds that have been holding you back. It clears the space, allowing you to plant new seeds of positive beliefs and feelings. But to make your garden truly flourish, you need the perfect soil. That’s where personal values come in. They provide a rich, nurturing environment where your true self can grow and thrive.

Combining hypnotherapy with personal values creates the perfect conditions for a thriving garden. It’s a unique and powerful 'Twist' that makes change not just deep and lasting, but also aligned with what truly matters to you.

Anna’s journey :

  • Her values assessment revealed that her dominant values were based on the need for self-esteem and esteem from others. Reflecting on this insight, she could see how her values played a huge part in the problems in her marriage. She started to reflect on her life and the decisions and actions she had taken.
  • She began to make daily decisions that reflected these principles of her values.  This power and sense of choice brought her a sense of peace and fulfillment.
  • She set new goals based on her values. She focussed on her health, which she had neglected for some time, and she set her everyday actions to achieve her goal based on her values. These value-based actions motivated her towards success.

Why Values Matter

And this insight is life-changing. It is not insignificant understanding because our personal values are like the roots of a tree, grounding us and keeping us stable. When life changes dramatically, our values can provide the stability we need to navigate the storm.


Life’s challenges, particularly divorce, disappointment, and loss, can feel overwhelming. Yet, the 'Twist' of combining Hypnotherapy and Personal Values can help anyone navigate these emotional transitions and emerge stronger and more resilient. This unique twist turbocharges the results, making emotional transformation not only possible but also deeply aligned with what truly matters to us.

Embrace this journey with compassion for yourself, and remember that every storm eventually passes, revealing the promise of a new beginning.

By focusing on our inner strengths and seeking the right tools, we can transform our pain into a pathway to a more stable and fulfilling life.

When life gives you lemons, remember you have the power to make lemonade.


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